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Conceived as an eco tourism project with cultural and environmental values of the town, Route Alquibla aims to provide the neighbor and visitors the richness of its history, gastronomy, nature, business, sports, cultural and traditional values throughout its 9 kilometers.

A route divided into three areas; mountain area, in the recreation area «La Pedrera», the urban stretch that crosses the center of the town, and the route that runs through the traditional garden. Three spaces with a high ecological and landscape value, derived from the valorization of biological and historical heritage of the municipality.

In addition, it is integrated in the «route Camino del Sureste the Camino de Santiago», and in the «Costa Blanca Gran Ruta Interior» with its stretch connecting in traditional orchard.

A proposal that invites you to discover the landscape, environmental and cultural contrasts in the province of Alicante and allows visit interesting historical relics, myths and legends to discover, learn about different traditions, architecture, customs, food and crafts of this privileged province.

Mount area in La Pedrera.
Difficulty: Low
Duration: 2.7km (40 min)
Area Description:
With over half a million square meters, it is one of the most unique leisure areas in the province of Alicante for its beautiful views, and a must for those who love nature reference.

It is located in a strategic place for hiking or biking trails start at 2 km. the largest swamp in the province of Alicante, with 245 Hm3.

Dispose of rural accommodation in log cabins, camping area, picnic areas, barbecues, playgrounds, snack bar, restaurants, swimming pools, sports facilities, parking caravans, etc.

We can find our way along a wide variety of flora, highlighting the pine, thyme, rosemary, white jarilla, blue lily or mirror bee orchid. Many of these species have medicinal properties and uses.

As for the wildlife, and due to the proximity of the reservoir, it allows it to be of great diversity. Birds have the Loma and the site of the Pedrera as hunting territory. These include kestrels, eagles, owls, owls, blackbirds, starlings, hoopoes, goldfinches, Serin, woodpeckers and partridges.

The ladder snake, the viperine and horseshoe are the snakes that stand out. Other reptiles like the ocellated lizard, lizards and geckos are easy to locate. As for amphibians we highlight the common frog and three species of toads: the corridor, the spadefoot toad and the common toad. The terrapin can be located in the azarbe and irrigation water pipelines. Among the most significant arthropod we can find the yellow scorpion or scorpion, Iberian scorpion, wolf spider and centipede. Rabbit, hare, caretos lirones, squirrels and field mice are the most common mammals, and to a lesser presence red fox.

It has a modern and newly opened weather station recording temperature data, humidity, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, atmospheric pressure or ultraviolet index, among others, being able view data through the municipal website where you can download an app for smartphones. It also has a webcam to see real time the state of the sky showing in turn one of the most spectacular views of the region. It is a station that is part of the environmental classroom, with added value for all schoolchildren visiting the route.

Loma de Bigastro and the hills are composed almost entirely of sandstone, a type of sedimentary rock as a result of deposits of marine sand consolidated in the Quaternary period (about 2500 million years ago), mainly composed of small grains of sand It is especially good for construction.

Area of town.
Difficulty: Low
Duration: 2.8km (35 min)
Area Description:
During our tour of the village, we can find two distinct areas; the commercial area in Calle Purisima, the business center of the town. And the gastronomic entertainment area where we can find a variety of bars and restaurants where visitors can taste typical local cuisine.

Historically, Bigastro has been a stopping point for travelers since the creation of the municipality in the eighteenth century as a manor Cabildo of the Cathedral of Orihuela, has its foundation in being these lands way through the city of Orihuela and the fishing town of Torrevieja .

During our tour we will pass by the Constitution Square, birthplace of the city, where we can enjoy the view of the parish church of Our Lady of Bethlehem (s. XVIII), declared of Local Relevance of the town hall and the house and parish hall, former site of the granary of Bigastro where the grain was stored after harvest is complete.

Once we arrived at Orchard Park Cura and the Municipal Auditorium Francisco Grau, whose land the municipal utility was built during the first half of the twentieth century, taking advantage of the waters of Alquibla ditch, we connect with the area of Huerta traditional through a gateway.

Traditional garden area.
Difficulty: Low
Duration: 3.5km (45 min)
Area Description:
Located in the heart of the Vega Baja, it is considered an important historical, cultural, natural and agricultural heritage, its ancient rural tradition and its traditional irrigation system of the Islamic era.

In the area of the garden we find two distinct areas:
• Organic gardens with booths implements, place where we can see different stages of the garden, a way to meet the farming culture that characterizes us.

• Pergolas, bicycle parking, recreation tables, composting area and gazebo, where you can enjoy a privileged view of the large garden and nearby towns Bigastro.
Traditional garden is one of the main attractions of our environment. We enter our journey towards the garden of the eighteenth century, through the site of the flour water mill built in 1770, which worked until the first half of the twentieth century, thanks to the waters of Azarbe Mayor of Hurchillo.

Ecological and landscape value, derived from the important biodiversity, makes it a unique space for the development of many species of fauna and flora that inhabit.

In short, a beautiful route that will delve into the history of our town, crossing our natural areas through gentle paths that allow you to enjoy the uniqueness of our natural and historic heritage, and the friendly nature of our neighbors.

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